President: Mr Errol Samuel (Swimart Lindfield)
Vice Presidents: Mr Warren Dwyer (Bendigo Bank) , Mr Charley Tran & Mr Vincent Tran (Lindfield Pharmacy)
Treasurer: Mr Duncan Dalgleish (Lindfield Espresso)
Secretary: Mr Peter Vickers (Peter Vickers Business Group)

Our next meeting will be held on: 

Wednesday 14th January 2014 at 7.30AM

at Cafe Lyon - 366 Pacific Highway, Lindfield Village

A FREE breakfast will be served compliments of Rainer of Café Lyon and Duncan of Lindfield Espresso.

For catering purposes please let us know if you are coming on


  • Discuss Chamber plans and ideas for the next 12 months
  • Membership and engagement 


The Chamber is again distributing Australian flags to paid up members of the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce to display in your shops before our national day.

This will clearly distinguish who are the paid up members.


We had another successful raffle. The winners were shoppers from Pam’s Place and the Lindfield Pharmacy.

We had 539 entries and have increased our email database of Lindfield customers by over 350 which brings the data base to 1503 active entries with current email addresses.

We had about 75 recipients of tickets that were already on our database so clearly there are a loyal band of Lindfield shoppers.

We plan to send emails to these shoppers highlighting the specials that are available in Lindfield.

It is appropriate after thanking are participating members to mention a few negative observations.

We refused to allow a couple of shops to participate in the raffle because their donated prize was just too stingy and would have had a negative impact on the other participants.

You might ask why shoppers from Pam’s Place and Lindfield Pharmacy won. It is because their team enthusiastically handed out the free tickets as a thank you to their loyal customers.

Thus it was a matter of probabilities that one of their customers. You will go broke if you try the same thing with the lottery.

The other negative was that one or two shops never offered the tickets to their customers and just left the raffle books on their counters.

It is noticeable that the quality of the service in those shops was of the same poor quality as is the décor and stock also was below an acceptable standard.

Sadly one can predict that those businesses will not last long.

Yours sincerely

Peter Vickers, Secretary 


Support Lindfield

I attended the AGM of Support Lindfield. The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce donated $500 to support Lindfield.

The redevelopment of both Lindfield car parks is proceeding.

The Havillah Lane car park has now been sold by Council and will be redeveloped as home units.

However residents of Ku ring gai may have lost big money as it has been old too late to be included in the two unit developments next door.

This car park is too small for a proper development. Council has now commissioned studies on the prospective usage for a new library and community centre.

Woolworths have bought the land from which Lindfield Pharmacy operates. So things are happening but slowly.

The Woolworths spokesman at the public meeting stated that it took Woolworths 10 years for it to open their Lane Cove store.

The steam roller is moving but very slowly.

If you want to discuss how these developments will affect your business then come to our next meeting.

Show off your business...

Encourage residents to shop locally by advertising in the Chamber's newsletter!

The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce newsletters go to thousands of local residents.

Take this opportunity to showcase your business or current promotions to these potential clients that are right here on your doorstep.

Our email data base comes from our Christmas raffle so the newsletter is going to active and interested current shoppers of Lindfield.

This is available to members of the Chamber only.

Send your company information or latest promotion to to take advantage of this great offer to promote your business.

Seminars 2013 with the Ku-ring-gai Chamber of Commerce


Our seminars not only provide our community with updates on current issues but also provide a framework for networking amongst likeminded professionals who may be potential clients, sources of referrals or knowledge and inspiration.

Mum and Dad are still living in their home but now need carers to assist them in their day to day lives.

One of the jobs you can’t get the carers to do is help manage the money and investments.

At our seminar we will show you some ways that this can be done even, if the parents do not like to hand over control to their children, the children are overseas, there is sibling rivalry which started when they were 5 years old, or the children are just too busy with their families or there are no children available.

Peter Vickers & Associates have developed a unique system to take this stress away from the family but still keep everything transparent and readily accessible.

Come and hear about the mess that some families have gotten themselves into and how we can help the family enjoy their time together

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Title: How to handle the finances of ageing parents?

Seminar 1: 1:00 - 2:00pm - Light Lunch at 12.30pm  
Seminar 2: 6.00 - 7.00pm - Light refreshments served at 5.30pm

Venue: Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield, NSW 2070

To register your interest in joining or attending our seminars, please Call: Ryan on 9416 9266 or Email:

Every business in Lindfield Village is given the chance to participate!

We understand that some businesses cannot afford the membership fees or feel alienated from their fellow Lindfield business.

However, with a desire to be courteous and inclusive, we send our newsletters and an annual invoice to all in the Lindfield business community.

In the event that you do not participate, we apologise for the inconvenience of having to dispose of the invoice.

In any case, we would like to invite you to attend our Bi-Monthly Meetings, to join in our Christmas Raffle and/or to display pictures of our local mums and dads on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ day.