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Our FREE Christmas Raffle winners are Jill Whitney, Barb Moujaes and Amanda Law – Congratulations wishing you a safe and  Merry Christmas

Thank you to  Linquist Hair, Roseville Cinemas, Dutch Hideout, Christophe’s Patisserie Francaise, Vision Personal Training, Lindfield Specialty Butcher, Jeeves Dry Cleaning, Lindfield Print, Bendigo Bank and Gelatiamo for their generous donations to our Christmas Hampers.

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Congratulations to our Fathers Day Art Competition Winners:

Lindfield Public School – Harry, Inaya & Tilly,

Cromehurst – Eddy, Abdullah & Nevael,

Holy Family Catholic School  – James D, Riley X & Joshua B

Reddam Early Learning School – Oliver, Sophia & Madeleine.

We would like to thank all the children for the wonderful artworks we have been able to display in our local business windows on both Pacific Highway and Lindfield Avenue and wish all Dad’s a very Happy Fathers Day.

Click through to see all the childrens artwork Father’s Day Art Competition 2020

Thank you to the following businesses for their kind donations of prizes: Lindfield Pharmacy, Marciano’s Woodfire Spuntino Bar, Lindfield Speciality Butcher, Toppings Plus Pizza, Plus Fitness, Dutch Hideaway, Perrette Wine Fraternity, Save Our Village Lindfield and Bendigo Bank. 

Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM

The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM will be held on Thursday 20th August from 6pm at Peter Vickers Business Group, Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield,NSW 2070.

If you would like to attend or have any items to be discussed please contact


We are either landlords or tenants of commercial spaces. The goodwill of our business often resides in the location of our premises and from those premises we derive our income. The lease secures those premises for us. The lease is a legal contract that binds the tenant and the landlord together.

We are very lucky to have Chris Pettener of the Lindfield legal firm of Proctor Willaws to lead a discussion on Commercial Leases.

One Lindfield business forgot to exercise their option for renewal and thus will be thrown out when the owner gets a good offer from a developer. He spent well over half a million fitting out his business. Bring your lease with you and follow what it says. With Covid-19 there is a Mandatory Code of Conduct which is not mandatory at all. Peter Vickers has been involved in some very ugly discussions between tenants and landlords about rent relief and will add his war stories.

by Peter Vickers

Notice the vacant shops in Lindfield!
I received my rates notice for my home from Council and it had zero for the first 2 quarters. I also received the rates notice for the property that I own in Lindfield.

No relief on that. This is completely discriminatory and very harmful to businesses.
The rates are based on the unimproved capital value of the property and that is assumed to keep on increasing. Thus does land tax. Land tax is now equal to about one months rent. Ultimately these costs will be passed on to consumers but this leaves a very small margin for the business owner.  No wonder businesses have closed. It is not just small business. Westpac and the TAB are currently closed in Lindfield. Will they ever reopen?

Council is attempting to act as a developer of two car parks in Lindfield. Is the financial viability of these projects based on having tenants paying high rents? Will they even be able to get tenants?

What is going to happen to the rates collected when the value of properties goes down due to the vacancies driving down the value of the land? Coles has put on hold its development.

This is why business needs a united voice via our Chamber. Council can run seminars and pretend to assist business but when we are in trouble Council cannot represent the local businesses in a dispute with Council.  

The Mothers Day Art Competition Winners are from Reddam ELS:

Eahba C, Estella & Edie – Congratulations!

We would like to thank the children for the wonderful artworks we have been able to display in our local businesses and wish all Mum’s a very Happy Mothers Day.

We would also like to thank the following businesses for this year’s fabulous prizes: Toppings Pizza for $100 voucher, Plus Fitness for 3 month gym membership and Bendigo Bank for Kur-ring-gai Monopoly.




The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce – Our opinion is our own – it is important to us and our wider community that we do everything we can to stay safe and get back to business…/wimped-out-covidsafe-app-should-be…

Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM

The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM will be held on Monday 5th August from 18:00 at Peter Vickers Business Group, Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield,NSW 2070.

If you would like to attend or have any items to be discussed please contact Olivia at


  • Ku-ring-gai Council development plans including the Lindfield Hub and on Pacific Highway
  • Difficulties during the development of the Lindfield Village Green
  • Election of new committee members

Political comment by Peter Vickers, Secretary

Lindfield Hub
The fiasco of the Lindfield Hub continues into its 7th year. I personally favour 14 stories of residential, as I believe this is a safeguard from the Council going broke on this project. This project shows that Council does town planning badly. It can resume a few houses in Balfour – for a park now part of the Hub – but what about the shops on the Highway? Under the current proposal these will be isolated facing the Highway, are old and not constructed for modern purposes. They also require rear lane access.

Village Green Car Park
The Village Green is also having issues. The local business owners now have to face the reality of 3 or 4 years of building activity and have been asked for permission for building cranes to be used over their properties. Are hard hats strong enough?

There are a number of businesses that have lodged change of use DAs with council and these are taking months to process. No wonder it is easier to just knock the building down and start again.

Come to our AGM and let’s have a super winge about what is going on.

Support Lindfield’s Latest News

Please find the email from Support Lindfield to Lindfield Chamber of Commerce Secretary Peter Vickers below:

The Support Lindfield Committee voted unanimously at its meeting on 16 May to support Woolworths Unsolicited Proposal to Council.  We made this decision based on the following:

  • As Aldi is included in the retail offering, there is now no competition in the supermarket space.  Coles is developing their existing site; Harris Farm and IGA have recently opened on the east side.
  • The design includes the important features that you, the community, have told us you wanted in the Hub, i.e. pedestrian bridge over Pacific Highway, specialty retail including cafes and restaurants, spaces that all ages of the community can use, plenty of parking, a chance for a vibrant and engaging space.
  • In addition, the design includes new Scout facilities which is an important community organisation. Other inclusions are the components set out in Council’s design, e.g. library, community centre, child care centre, commercial space, limited residential and park land.
  • Woolworths  have proven experience in developing and delivering successful similar mixed-use complexes in the Sydney area (Lane Cove Market Square, Belrose, Double Bay, Crows Nest); they obviously have the experience in managing and delivering complex projects which Council does not have; surely a fitting partner for Council.
  • They will work with RMS to deliver a satisfactory traffic solution.
  • The icing on the cake is that they will fund the development.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Council would jump at this massive multi million dollar offering.  Unfortunately you would wrong.  Senior Council staff and some Councillors including Mayor Jennifer Anderson and Deputy Mayor Callum Clarke are opposing it.  Why?  We don’t know.

We urge you to email or phone your local Ward Councillor and find out if they’re supporting the proposal.  If they’re not then tell them they’re not acting in the best interests of their constituents….. who voted for them.  You will find contact details here

We have had comments from some residents suggesting that we don’t need two more supermarkets.  Our response to that is:

  • if Woolworths and Aldi didn’t think they could run a commercially viable business in the Hub they wouldn’t be there; that’s just more choice for the consumer
  • have a serious look at what Woolworths are providing our community – millions of dollars in public infrastructure such as the pedestrian bridge over Pacific Highway, library, community centre, park land.
  • and the critical words….. “at no cost to Council”.

Of course they’re going to have a supermarket in the Hub.  No Woolies no gifts!

More information can be found at



Lindfield Bookshop

As a loyal member of the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce, The Lindfield Bookshop was nominated for a visit by local MP Paul Fletcher and the Minister for Small and Family Business, the Workplace and Deregulation, the Hon Craig Laundy MP.

Mr Scott Whitmont, owner  of the Lindfield Bookshop had a good conversation with Mr Fletcher and Mr Laundy about the history of his shop and how a small business copes in todays modern business environment.

The Lindfield Bookshop was specifically nominated by the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce as a long time and valued member of the Chamber as part of the Bradfield Small Business Forum event where Mr Laundy was invited as a guest by Paul Fletcher.


22 February – Ku-ring-gai Speed Networking 

The Ku-ring-gai Chamber of Commerce held its very first Speed Networking event at Peter Vickers Business Group offices in Lindfield. The event was a great success with excellent feedback from all attendees including Lindfield Chamber of Commerce members. Each session ran for 10 minutes, giving each guest 5 minutes to present their company and product or service. The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce was a proud supporter of the event. Keep an eye out for the next Speed Networking event.

Some of the feedback from the event: “Informal, very effective, enjoyable, I learnt a lot”, “Great way to have 1-on-1 conversations but to also talk to a lot of people”, “Better than the 2 minutes speed networking which is too short”, “What a comfortable setting, thank you”, “I would love to attend one of these events again”, “Great setup!”.

December 2017 – Christmas Raffle 2017

A huge thank you to all the businesses that participated in the Lindfield Christmas raffle for 2017.

We had 24 businesses who participated in this years raffle: Absolutely Fabulous Hair, Bendigo Bank, The Blackout, Christophe Patisserie, Ciao Down, Delish, Dutch Hide Out, Gelatiamo, Jeeves Dry Cleaning, Kasart Hair, Lindfield Bookshop, Lindfield Optometry, Lindfield Pharmacy, Lindfield Print & Copy Centre, Lindfield Specialty Butcher, Linquist Hair, Makiato, Omorfia, Richardson & Wrench, Subway, Sweet Violets, The Runaway Spoon, The Village Pharmacy, Vision Training

Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of the 2017 Christmas raffle – a customer from Bendigo Bank, Dutch Hideout & Delish

On behalf of the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce we would like to wish you all a happy and safe holidays!


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LCOC Community Programs

We run two Art Competitions and a Christmas Raffle each year.

Art Competitions
Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Each year we run a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Art Competition. The Competitions are open to children from pre-schools and primary schools in the local area and are judged by a local artist. A first, second and third prizes are awarded to each school.

Generous businesses in Lindfield donate fabulous prizes to competition winners, all artwork is displayed in the local shops windows on both Pacific Highway and Lindfield Avenue and on our website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages so it can be viewed by the whole community.

Christmas Raffle

Every year as a way for local business to say thank you to their loyal customers we run a Christmas Raffle.

Prizes are donated by Lindfield Businesses, creating 3 Festive Hampers. All customers need to do to enter is shop at a participating store, enter your details on our form to go into the draw. Winners are drawn mid-December.

We believe these events are an important part of our community program and we would love for your business to be a part of these wonderful events!

If you are interested in participating, please contact Jane on 9496 2300 or email