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Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM


The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce AGM was held on the 11th July and was joined by members of Ku-Ring-Gai’s Council including: Mayor – Jennifer Anderson, Major Projects Leader – Craig Calder, the Council’s Manager for Corporate Communications – Virginia Leafe and Councillor for Roseville & Lindfield – Sam Ngai.

The AGM included an interesting discussion regarding the future of Lindfield Developments, including the expected Lindfield Hub, the possibility of the bridge across Pacific Highway, and how these developments will positively impact Lindfield Businesses.

The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce looks forward to the Council enacting on these plans and for these Lindfield developments to ensue.

Support Lindfield’s Latest News

Please find the email from Support Lindfield to Lindfield Chamber of Commerce Secretary Peter Vickers below:


The Support Lindfield Committee voted unanimously at its meeting on 16 May to support Woolworths Unsolicited Proposal to Council.  We made this decision based on the following:

  • As Aldi is included in the retail offering, there is now no competition in the supermarket space.  Coles is developing their existing site; Harris Farm and IGA have recently opened on the east side.
  • The design includes the important features that you, the community, have told us you wanted in the Hub, i.e. pedestrian bridge over Pacific Highway, specialty retail including cafes and restaurants, spaces that all ages of the community can use, plenty of parking, a chance for a vibrant and engaging space.
  • In addition, the design includes new Scout facilities which is an important community organisation. Other inclusions are the components set out in Council’s design, e.g. library, community centre, child care centre, commercial space, limited residential and park land.
  • Woolworths  have proven experience in developing and delivering successful similar mixed-use complexes in the Sydney area (Lane Cove Market Square, Belrose, Double Bay, Crows Nest); they obviously have the experience in managing and delivering complex projects which Council does not have; surely a fitting partner for Council.
  • They will work with RMS to deliver a satisfactory traffic solution.
  • The icing on the cake is that they will fund the development.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Council would jump at this massive multi million dollar offering.  Unfortunately you would wrong.  Senior Council staff and some Councillors including Mayor Jennifer Anderson and Deputy Mayor Callum Clarke are opposing it.  Why?  We don’t know.

We urge you to email or phone your local Ward Councillor and find out if they’re supporting the proposal.  If they’re not then tell them they’re not acting in the best interests of their constituents….. who voted for them.  You will find contact details here

We have had comments from some residents suggesting that we don’t need two more supermarkets.  Our response to that is:

  • if Woolworths and Aldi didn’t think they could run a commercially viable business in the Hub they wouldn’t be there; that’s just more choice for the consumer
  • have a serious look at what Woolworths are providing our community – millions of dollars in public infrastructure such as the pedestrian bridge over Pacific Highway, library, community centre, park land.
  • and the critical words….. “at no cost to Council”.

Of course they’re going to have a supermarket in the Hub.  No Woolies no gifts!

More information can be found at



Lindfield Bookshop

As a loyal member of the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce, The Lindfield Bookshop was nominated for a visit by local MP Paul Fletcher and the Minister for Small and Family Business, the Workplace and Deregulation, the Hon Craig Laundy MP.

Mr Scott Whitmont, owner  of the Lindfield Bookshop had a good conversation with Mr Fletcher and Mr Laundy about the history of his shop and how a small business copes in todays modern business environment.

The Lindfield Bookshop was specifically nominated by the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce as a long time and valued member of the Chamber as part of the Bradfield Small Business Forum event where Mr Laundy was invited as a guest by Paul Fletcher.


22 February 2018 – Ku-ring-gai Speed Networking 

Yesterday the Ku-ring-gai Chamber of Commerce held its very first Speed Networking event at Peter Vickers Business Group offices in Lindfield. The event was a great success with excellent feedback from all attendees including Lindfield Chamber of Commerce members. Each session ran for 10 minutes, giving each guest 5 minutes to present their company and product or service. The Lindfield Chamber of Commerce was a proud supporter of the event. Keep an eye out for the next Speed Networking event.

Some of the feedback from the event: “Informal, very effective, enjoyable, I learnt a lot”, “Great way to have 1-on1 conversations but to also talk to a lot of people”, “Better than the 2 minutes speed networking which is too short”, “What a comfortable setting, thank you”, “I would love to attend one of these events again”, “Great setup!”.

December 2017 – Christmas Raffle 2017

A huge thank you to all the businesses that participated in the Lindfield Christmas raffle for 2017.

We had 24 businesses who participated in this years raffle: Absolutely Fabulous Hair, Bendigo Bank, The Blackout, Christophe Patisserie, Ciao Down, Delish, Dutch Hide Out, Gelatiamo, Jeeves Dry Cleaning, Kasart Hair, Lindfield Bookshop, Lindfield Optometry, Lindfield Pharmacy, Lindfield Print & Copy Centre, Lindfield Specialty Butcher, Linquist Hair, Makiato, Omorfia, Richardson & Wrench, Subway, Sweet Violets, The Runaway Spoon, The Village Pharmacy, Vision Training

Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of the 2017 Christmas raffle – a customer from Bendigo Bank, Dutch Hideout & Delish

On behalf of the Lindfield Chamber of Commerce we would like to wish you all a happy and safe holidays!


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2018 Father’s Day Student’s Art Competition

The Father’s Day Art competition was a big success again in 2018, with Lindfield stores getting actively involved in the competition by displaying the student’s artworks in their shop. Congratulations to our winners:

First: Daniel - Second: Ashlee - Third: Moon

Reddam ELC:
First: Vivienne S – Second: Ethan M – Third: Fiona Z

Lindfield East PS:
First: Emily M – Second: Beatrix T – Third: Eliza F

Holy Family:
First: Isabella C – Second: Megan - Third: Alessia L

East Lindfield Community Preschool:
First: Victoria – Second: Amy – Third: Vicky

Lindfield P.S:
First: Jeremy – Second: Radin R – Third: Ahaana

Thank you to the stores that donated a prize towards the winning students:
• 4 Cats
• Bella Blue
• Belle’s Real Estate Lindfield
• Bendigo Bank
• Bryan Rowe Optometry
• Christophe’s
• Ciao Down
• De’lish
• Dutch Hideout
• Gelatiamo
• Kasart Hair
• Lindfield Book Store
• Lindfield Specialty Butcher
• Lindfield Pharmacy
• Omorfia
• Swimart
• Vision PT